Your Strawberry Hill Farm Update for the Week


Remember to pick up your boxes Tuesday (tomorrow) from 4:00 to 6:00 at the Delta parking lot from our bus.


Newsletters:  We are working on going back to the pdf version of the updates, but it will take a week or two to get this sorted out with our web developer.  Our plan is to post the updates to the web and then give you a link to them from your email.  This way the updates can be seen from our website or from the email making it easier to find them later.  In the mean time if you cannot see the pictures from your email, if you click the button to "Show Remote Content" I think they should show up - they do for me from my email system.

Garden News:  It was very dry but we've more than caught up on the rain!  The vegetables look great with very little flood damage but the biggest problem is our driveway which is now a washboard.  As you can see from this photo our culvert was just barely big enough!

The cherry tomatoes are just starting to come in as well as peas and even the very first broccoli.  We have little cantaloupes starting on the plants and the first green peppers are about half grown.  Looks like the crops are on schedule pretty well and overall the health is good in spite of our being in new fields on a new farm.




What to Expect in your box:

We are sending Strawberries, Beet Greens, Salad Turnips, Radishes, lettuce, garlic scapes, baby lettuce and some chard or spinach in your boxes this week.  The Strawberries are not Certified Organic, but they are spray free.  We tried to source certified organic strawberries for you but it proved very difficult or impossible, so we opted to go with the spray free ones.  We have planted 1/2 acre for next year that we plan to be certified organic, but we don't have very many this year so we hope most of you are OK with spray free berries for this year.  If anyone really needs certified organic strawberries, let me know via email and we'll see if we can find enough from the few plants we have to supply your needs.


Recipes and preparation ideas:

This week we have three new things:

Salad Turnips:  These are like a large white radish.  They have a mild flavor and are excellent chopped up in salads or put in stir fries etc.  You can even use the tops as a cooked green if you wish.

Garlic Scapes:  These are the tops of the garlic plants and they have a mild garlic flavor.  They are great chopped up in salads or even chopped up and spread over meat when it is cooked.


Edible Pod Peas:

These are peas where you eat the pod and all.  You simply peel the string off the end by snapping the end off and peeling back then  you can chop these up and use them in stir fries, salads, or even alone as a cooked vegetable.