Your Strawberry Hill Farm Update for the Week


Hello to all our Thursday customers.  

Please remember to bring your bags with you when picking up your boxes tomorrow (Thursday).  It would also be great if you could let us know if your box is not going to be picked up.   This would help so we are not wondering if you have forgotten and can simply set your box aside to take to the food bank.

Our source for spray free strawberries has been picked out, so we are not able to find enough spray free berries for this week.  The berries we do have are sprayed much less than usual.  If the berries are a problem for anyone this week, let me know.  This will be the last week for strawberries, but we hope to have raspberries in a couple weeks.  The good news is that we planted about 1/2 acre of berries this year on our farm so we should be able to provide you with lots of organic berries next year.

We are making a couple changes to the update for the week which we hope will be positive.

We have many people who are following our blog and yet not in a position to get a box so I'm going to keep garden news up to date in the blog rather than having to do it in two places each week.  Our blog is accessible from our web page banner or by clicking this link - Our Blog

Specific information on the boxes along with recipes, preparation ideas etc. are available in a pdf document here - "Box Contents"

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!