Your Strawberry Hill Farm Update for the Week

Hello to all our Thursday customers.  

Remember to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Thursday).  Crops have appreciated the rain and crops are coming in well now.  The value of this box is above average and will help to make up for the smaller boxes earlier.    

For farm news, please see our blog which is accessible from our web page banner or by clicking this link - Our Blog

Specific information on the boxes along with recipes, preparation ideas etc. are available in a pdf document here - Box Information  

We The potatoes are a little slow developing so we don't have potatoes for all the boxes.  We do, however, have carrots.  Carrots will be coming in the boxes but we will send a few extra bags of potatoes for those of you picking up from the bus for those who would like to purchase them extra or swap for them.  

Enjoy your veggies!