Your Strawberry Hill Farm Update for the Week


Hello to all our Thursday customers.  

Remember to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Thursday).  We plan to send sweet corn tomorrow instead of beet greens for those who did not get corn last week.  

I spent several hours this week updating our website and getting our winter box program information on line.   We are adding the ability for you to custom order in the winter and we are also adding a home delivery option.  For more information on custom ordering see the Box Options tab on our website.  There is also information on the standard winter boxes as well.  The specific list of custom order items will be going online closer to the start of the winter season.

For farm news, please see our blog which is accessible from our web page banner or by clicking this link - Our Blog

The vegetables coming this week are all pretty basic, no really unusual ones.  I'm a bit tight for time so did not do a Box Information sheet this week. and are great resources online with lots of recipes and ideas.  


Enjoy your veggies!