Your Strawberry Hill Farm Update for the Week


Hello to all our Thursday customers.  

Remember to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Thursday).  This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend so we are sending some veggies to help you with your Thanksgiving meals.  These include buttercup squash, carrots, potatoes and even Rutabaga/Turnip.  We are also sending a nice colorful salad mix.

For farm news, please see our blog which is accessible from our web page banner or by clicking this link - Our Blog

I did not do a special Box Information paper this week.  Most of the veggies this week are pretty well known.  Instead I am going to share a link to our initial retail price list for all those who are waiting to sign up for the winter ordering options until they get an idea what our prices will be.  Here is the link to our tentative winter retail pricing;  Retail Price List  Some prices may change a bit as we go through the winter season, but this gives you an idea.

We still have good availability for signing up but will have a limited number of veggies for winter boxes so would suggest you sign up sometime in the next two weeks if you are interested in joining our winter program.  For more information on what we are offering this winter, go to the "Our Box Options" tab on our website banner.


Enjoy your veggies!