Your Strawberry Hill Farm Update for the Week


Hello to all our Tuesday customers.  

Remember to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Tuesday).  This is the second to last week of the summer season.  Next week is the last week for this season.  Our winter boxes start mid November and go every other week.  If you are interested in signing up for winter, we have information on our website but if you still have questions feel free to call or email.

For farm news, please see our blog which is accessible from our web page banner or by clicking this link - Our Blog

It takes considerable time every week for us to put together a box information page.  We are going to be putting together a storage and recipe resource section for next year to help free up time during the busy summer months.  

For this week, you can see what is coming in the box by going to the "Boxes" tab of our website.

Most of the vegetables are ones you've had before.  When it comes to Rutabaga and Parsnips, however, these are items that some people dislike.  We find that they are best when cooked with another vegetable.  Parsnips and carrots make a great combination as do Potatoes and Rutabaga.  Latke's or hash browns are great when a mixture of potatoes and rutabaga is used.  


Here is a picture of our dinner last night.  Spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce and sausage over top.  It was as good as it looks!







Enjoy your veggies!